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POP Display Stand Marketing Ideas

Point Of Purchase displays, otherwise referred to in the industry as POP displays are something that consumers might not claim to notice, yet every year large volumes of products are sold through these marketing platforms so if you're not implementing them today in your business, you should. Even if you are, what we'd like to point out here are some POP display marketing ideas that might spur some creativity, and more importantly, increased sales in your business.

POP displays get their name since they capitalize on when a customer is usually at the counter, paying for other products that they found throughout the store and so happen to notice or be reminded about something they wanted but forgot. This is the point of purchase, or point of sale (POS). Some bright marketers understood that people are more apt to purchase certain goods during this time so designed what displays to capitalize on this.

Marketing Ideas

Pop Display Marketing

Knowing this key point is what one must understand to get the most value of a POP display. Be honest with yourself at this moment since while it's true that certain displays are paid for by the big brand names, so you don't really have any control over what corporate might decide is good for their brand, there are plenty of opportunities for you to put up a POP display that is not brand specific that can get attention to other goods you can test out.

Be Different

While one's inclination is to lean towards being the brightest and loudest display, this has the same effect as being invisible, especially in a world where advertisers like to shout their slogans to the world.

Take a step back and absorb the overall feel for the area. Examine your product carefully to see if maybe even a subtler design, with the right call to actions (CTA), might be a smarter choice. Don't be so quiet though that a consumer completely ignores your message, but do take this into account prior to just agreeing for bright colors in your display.

The Right Display For The Job

While a great cardboard POP display might seem perfect, due to all the real estate one has on cardboard to fully promote what you want, sometimes it still may not be right for what you are putting up.

Certain things like jewelry are best displayed in an acrylic display case, while heavier items deserve being put on a metal display stand. Using commonsense first should keep you safe, but it's worth noting here.

One has to be careful with products with restrictions as well since the wrong wording could get you in trouble. Pharmaceutical products is a good example of this. One can't make claims that are incorrect so discussing together with your legal department and copy writer, should keep you out of trouble. If anything, sticking with what the manufacturer says is okay will keep you safest in these situations.

Advantage Of Space

Pop Display Marketing SuccessMake full use of the space offered in a good POP display. Most products lack the area to really show off their benefits so a good marketer will take the most important points of product and use that to catch a buyers attention.

When you feel you run out of ideas, go out and study the competition. Take notes as they may be doing some wrong but many times successful companies will usually do the majority of this research properly, thus saving you time.

As you can see, we've only scratched the surface of what is possible with POP displays. Hopefully some of the ideas mentioned above were helpful and pop up marketing ideas start to flow. To get a perfectly suited display stand for your business and brainstorm possible ideas, contact a specialist today!

Wholesale inquiries are welcome. For more inspiration on ideas, check out this article about window displays.