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POP Display Stand Manufacturers - Any Difference?

If you talk to any marketing person today, the hype is all about maximizing one's online presence. While internet marketing plays an important role in extending the reach of your business, if you have a physical location where you sell any types of products, neglecting the importance of POP (Pop Of Purchase) or POS (Point Of Sale) displays in getting attention would be very negligent. Working together with a reputable display stand manufacturer will not only be very affordable but also very effective in increasing your bottom line.

The whole purpose of this type of display is to capture a shopper's attention when they are already in a buying mood. Depending on the product, the attractiveness of the display will get attention enough to compel an impulse purchase. That is the whole beauty of POP displays and working with the right supplier will garner you more sales than you anticipated from such a simple device.

Display Stand Manufacturers

The ease of installation plus the durability of particular stands make them a favorite with advertiser's. Depending on the product, the materials used to construct the display case will be different. Most popular among them would be the cardboard display with a surface that can be printed on to further entice a customer to check it out. The ability to be folded and stored away easier does make it the prime choice among display stands. Candy, potato chips, gum, and lighter products suit this option.

If you sell jewelry or something that would benefit from being more protected, a glass or acrylic display case is aptly suited for the purpose. The ability to see in, while also being lit up to highlight certain things makes this choice very appealing. Cosmetic displays also fall into this category.

Metal displays are to hold heavier items. The bright colors used to paint these racks, mated with eye catching graphics on cardboard make this a customer favorite. Easy assembly and disassembly, plus fold up storage and extra durability make them quite popular.

Something more to consider is not just the type of material but the actual display style itself. A simple rack, a complete stand, a countertop display stand, disposable and much more.

As you can see, there are many options. Smaller shops usually get their special displays from the actual product manufacturer so it's understandable why speaking directly with a display stand wholesaler or supplier might not be natural. For those though who want more control of how the flow of sales goes through their business, going direct and obtaining great pricing is a smart business move.

Also, for public trade shows and exhibitions, a proper display will ensure your success. The best use of a POP displays are to highlight great products you are already doing well with. Holiday promotions are also well suited for this use. The wasted floor space in many facilities are filled in nicely with custom display cases, thus why business owners love to use them. While we did focus on the graphical benefits, something as simple as a metal basket with a sign also falls into this category. Easy to clean and restock with more products, one can see the possibilities are endless. Speak with a specialist today to get the biggest impact with your marketing budget.