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Designing & Prototyping

In most cases, finding the perfect display stands to exhibit your products can be a very nerve-racking experience and that is when our professional designing team comes to help. In their 10 years working experience in the POP industry, all our designers have cultivated a wealthy knowledge of displays and developed a taste for exhibitors.

So, even if you have no clue what you may need, our designers can give your very good proposals based on their wealthy experience and the products to be displayed. And next thing, you are looking at the drawings of what you have been looking for.

And their service does not stop here. Your assigned personal expert designer will create a prototype in person and improve on it until you get exactly what you need .


As a one stop service provider, Landscape takes pride in her capability to deliver quality and attractive displays for competitive prices, which is backed up by her 4 well-equipped workshops and professional and well trained staff. We currently own 4 workshops covering more than 8000 square meters—1 for cardboard displays, 2 devoted to metal stands and another specializing in acrylic exhibitors.

But what we takes more pride in is not how big our plants are nor how equipped they are, but the professional and loyal staff we have. They are the real heroes and the reason for on times deliveries.

Shipping & After sales service

When the goods you ordered are ready, your project handler here will arrange for shipping and watch over every step closely until you receive them. And our service does not end here. He/she will further follow up to make sure the packages are intact and undamaged.

If there are any problems regarding product quality or installation, he/she will be here until are fully satisfied.